Truck Logistics Simulator Free Download PC

Game Truck Logistics Simulator Free Download game is, above all, nothing more than an interesting simulation game created by the company,Aerosoft , which is responsible for other simulators of this type. In the game itself, we are primarily dealing with a number of different types of logistic tasks that we must cope with in order to handle truck transport fully efficiently and functionally, all in a full cooperative module.

Truck Logistics Simulator download

Truck Logistics Simulator Free Download PC
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Truck Logistics Simulator game review

It is worth noting that the free Truck Logistics Simulator game itself is nothing more than focusing on individual activities where we are actually dealing with the development of the logistics industry. In the Truck Logistics Simulator Download game itself, I deal not only with loading goods, but also with the development of a fleet of trucks, which allows us to function fully actively in the industry, and it cannot be denied that such a system allows us to handle various types of typically logistic tasks. In all this, the Truck Logistics Simulator game itself allows us to travel in cars and at the same time take on the role of a loader who deals with loading, where in fact we largely handle not only large trucks, but also vans and smaller passenger cars.

The gameplay is fun.

It can be said that the gameplay works on many different levels and that is why the Truck Logistics Simulator game is largely based on many other tasks at our disposal, especially since loading takes place using various types of large lifts or other cranes, or even forklifts depending on the goods to be loaded. This is why the Truck Logistics Simulator PC Download game allows us to operate many different types of equipment, using so-called wheel loaders, which allow us to cope with the loading of heavier goods more effectively.

Truck Logistics Simulator for free
This is what makes the Truck Logistics Simulator download game based not only on supervising loading, but also on many other economic issues, and it is worth paying attention to the fact that we have an open world at our disposal, where we actually create the gameplay ourselves. The Truck Logistics Simulator game itself also has cross-platform functions, which allows us to run the game on many different devices, which certainly makes cooperative gameplay with another player even easier.

Interesting career goals.

It cannot be denied that the solutions proposed in this type of production are really interesting and diverse, so regardless of everything, it is good to focus on a few specific elements in order to develop your business faster. In all this, the Truck Logistics Simulator Free Download game gives us a large open area where we are dealing with a realistic day and night cycle or actively changing weather, which makes the gameplay more diverse and difficult depending on the prevailing conditions. on the way.

Truck Logistics Simulator download
This is why our logistic transport may be disturbed in any way by the weather and we must fully react to all changes that take place during the game itself. In this case, the Truck Logistics Simulator torrent game is characterized by great realism when it comes to the fun itself, where, among other things, we are also dealing with deformation of tires while driving, which also means that transporting a heavy load can significantly affect the technical condition of our vehicle, o what is worth remembering.

This is just one of many such aspects that appear in the Truck Logistics Simulator Download game and it must be admitted that regardless of everything, each of our successful transports allows us to generate the appropriate amount of cash, but in addition we also receive experience that allows us to expand our fleet.

A larger fleet of cars makes transportation easier.

In this way, we buy better and better trucks or other tools that allow us to use various transport functions even more efficiently. It is worth noting that the Truck Logistics Simulator game boasts nice-looking cars and other vehicle models, which certainly also affects the gameplay itself. If for some reason we fail to complete some of the tasks, we can also pay a financial penalty for not fulfilling certain orders, which greatly affects the realistic style of the game itself.

Cooperation works.

This also makes us clearly understand that any mistake can be a serious offense that we will commit during the game, so no matter what, it is worth being careful. In the Truck Logistics Simulator Free Download game itself, we also have a career mode and the mentioned cooperation module, where we can actively play with other players on the Internet, which also seems to be an interesting alternative. This also shows that, no matter what, we can focus on many interesting tasks, which in turn allow us to gain even more experience in order to do better in the next game. The Truck Logistics Simulator game itself has many interesting mechanics that are worth knowing to fully enjoy this game.
Truck Logistics Simulator full version for free

Information about game updates and technical support.

In the context of updates and technical support for Truck and Logistics Simulator, developers from SimulaGames are active in developing and improving the game. Recent updates introduce a number of significant changes and improvements that increase the quality of gameplay and overall attractiveness of the game:

  1. Speed ​​Controls and Game Achievements Update (2023): Added radar speed controls, speed cameras, and game achievements​​.
  2. Development plan for 2023: Developers plan to introduce improvements related to the quality of life of players, updated vehicle models, improved lighting and environment. Additionally, the game will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series​​.
  3. Steam Update (2023): Added support for TrackIR, improved multiplayer synchronization, and improved visibility in side mirrors of smaller vehicles​​.
  4. Summer Update (2023): New vehicles, AI vehicle changes, environment improvements, UI changes, navigation improvements, graphical improvements and more. Updates are also planned for the Nintendo Switch and mobile versions.

Tips for beginner players.

  1. Start with Basic Quests: Focus on simple missions at first to understand basic game mechanics such as driving and handling cargo.
  2. Fleet Management: Try to gradually expand your fleet of vehicles. Investing in better trucks and equipment will make more complex tasks easier.
  3. Monitor Weather Conditions: The game offers realistic weather conditions that affect your driving. Be prepared for changing conditions such as rain or snow, which may affect the difficulty of transportation.
  4. Pay attention to the technical condition of your vehicles: Regularly checking and maintaining your vehicles in good technical condition is crucial to avoid unexpected downtime and costly repairs.
  5. Enjoy Co-op Mode: The game offers a co-op mode that allows you to play together with others. Cooperation can make completing tasks easier and is a great opportunity to learn from experienced players.
  6. Route Planning: Effective route planning is crucial. Use the map and navigation system to find optimal routes to your destination.
  7. Learning to Operate Different Vehicles: Different vehicles have different features and methods of operation. Practice and understanding each of them is important to successfully complete a variety of tasks.
  8. Watch your Finances: Managing your budget is important. Avoid unnecessary expenses and try to maximize profits from each transport.
  9. Benefit from Community Help and Support: Join the game’s forums and groups to get tips from more experienced players and stay up to date with updates and what’s new in the game.
  10. Patience and Practice: The game requires patience and practice, especially at the beginning. Don’t be discouraged by initial difficulties and spend time learning and improving your skills.

Other similar simulators to Truck Logistics Simulator

Truck and Logistics Simulator, being one of the more advanced simulation games in the industry, offers a unique experience in fleet management and logistics. When comparing this game to other popular titles in this genre, there are several key differences and similarities that set each game apart in terms of gameplay, functionality, and overall player experience.

  1. Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2): This is one of the most famous truck simulation games focusing on the realistic experience of driving a truck across Europe. In comparison, Truck and Logistics Simulator introduces more diverse logistics tasks, not only focusing on driving but also on other aspects of fleet management and logistics. ETS2, on the other hand, offers a more in-depth driving experience and a detailed map of Europe.
  2. American Truck Simulator (ATS): Like ETS2, it focuses on realistic truck driving, but in an American context. Truck and Logistics Simulator differs from ATS in its wide range of vehicle types and more complex logistics tasks, while ATS offers a more realistic road and cultural environment of the United States.
  3. Farming Simulator: While not a traditional truck simulator, it offers similar management and logistics elements in the context of farming. Truck and Logistics Simulator focuses more on urban and transportation logistics, while Farming Simulator offers a more relaxing farming and farming experience.
  4. Construction Simulator: Focuses on construction management and heavy equipment operation. In Truck and Logistics Simulator we will find similar tasks related to the operation of heavy equipment, but in a broader context of logistics and transport, not only construction.

Truck Logistics Simulator Free Download
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How to download Truck Logistics Simulator on PC?

1. Click the  Download button .
2. You will be redirected to the game installer.
3. Follow the instructions during installation.
4. Once the game installation is complete. A shortcut will be created on your desktop.
5. You can now run  the game on PC.



    • Operating system:  Windows Vista/7/8/10/11
    • Procesor: Double Core 2 Ghz or better
    • Memory:  4 GB RAM
    • Graphics card:  Intel HD 520, Nvidia GT 730, AMD R7 240 or better
    • DirectX:  Version 11
    • Disk space:  4 GB available space
    • Dodatkowe uwagi: PC’s with an onboard GPU (iGPU) requires 6GB Memory as system memory is shared with the GPU.


    • Operating system:  Windows Vista/7/8/10/11
    • Processor:  I5-8400 // AMD Ryzen 5 2600
    • Memory:  8 GB RAM
    • Graphics card:  GTX 1050 // RX560
    • DirectX:  Version 11
    • Disk space:  4 GB available space

Truck and Logistics Simulator Game Summary

Truck Logistics Simulator Free Download is an advanced simulation game that skillfully combines the management of a truck fleet with the implementation of logistics tasks in a diverse environment. The gameplay, offering a wide range of vehicles and loading equipment, is characterized by realism, especially in the reproduction of weather conditions and the day and night cycle. The cooperative mode adds a social dimension to the game, allowing you to play together. Rating: 8/10. The game is distinguished by solid realism and a variety of tasks, although it requires a certain level of commitment and patience.

FAQ to game Truck and Logistics Simulator

  1. Can you control different types of vehicles in the game?
    • Yes, the game offers a wide selection of vehicles, from trucks to smaller vans and cars.
  2. Does the game have realistic weather conditions?
    • Yes, Truck and Logistics Simulator includes dynamically changing weather that affects driving conditions.
  3. Is there a cooperative mode?
    • Yes, the game allows you to play together with other players in cooperative mode.
  4. Does the game offer a variety of logistical tasks?
    • Yes, there are many logistic tasks in the game, from loading to fleet management.
  5. Is the game available on different platforms?
    • Yes, Truck and Logistics Simulator has cross-platform features, allowing you to play on multiple devices.

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