Wild Hearts Free Download PC Full Version

Wild Hearts Free Download is a spectacular action game with RPG elements, in which we hunt giant beasts. The title is the result of cooperation between Omega Force, Koei Tecmo and Electronic Arts and was released as part of the EA Originals initiative.

Wild Hearts Free Download

Wild Hearts Free Download PC

free download games pc

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Wild Hearts pc game takes us on a journey to Azuma – a fantasy land inspired by feudal Japan. Once upon a time, people here lived in harmony with giant beasts called Kemono. Over time, however, the behavior of the latter changed drastically and the monsters began to wreak havoc wherever they appeared. During the game, we play the role of one of the heroes who, wanting to restore the old public order in Azuma, confronts the giants. On the battlefield, the heroes use the so-called Karakuri – weapons and gadgets that use ancient and advanced technology.

Wild Hearts game mechanics

In Free Wild Hearts, we watch the action from the third person perspective (TPP). The mainstay of the game is the hunt for wild beasts that roam the land. Among them we will find, among others, overgrown squirrels, giant wild boars or mighty wolves. The clashes with them are extremely dynamic, and during them we use a diverse arsenal.

Free Wild Hearts

We can fight our opponents both with melee weapons (with a katana in the foreground) and with a bow. In addition, we have at our disposal advanced gadgets that expand the range of our abilities available on the battlefield and increase our combat potential. We are talking, among other things, of a practical propeller that allows you to climb on the opponent’s body, a time bomb or even a huge hammer that delivers powerful blows. In addition, the game has a crafting system, thanks to which we can create better weapons over time (and therefore face more and more challenges).

Wild Hearts versin complete

Wild Hearts can be played solo or cooperatively with up to three players. The title also has cross-platform functionality. Wild Hearts full version features high quality colorful graphics. Opponent designs can be particularly attractive, but the other elements of the visual layer are also hard to fault.

Is imitation the most sincere of flattery?

There’s a lot to do and it’s hard to deny it. But is there anything wrong with that? NO! A feudal Japan-inspired world full of fantastical monsters sounds like a ready-made idea for a game. Koei Tecmo Games, however, made sure to stand out from Monster Hunter a bit. In Free Wild Hearts, you will find the Karakuri system – it is used for combat, construction and defense. Weird, complicated at first, but becomes simple and very useful over time.

Wild Hearts Download

Karakuri allows us to create various weapons, defensive barriers or buildings. Discovering new karakuri brings great satisfaction. Each of them has a specific application and each of them can be useful in the fight against the kemono. Except for utilities, of course. I won’t spoil the fun for you, so I won’t write more about them. Basically, karakuri were created to refer to feudal Japan. And they perfectly reflect the style of the time. Wild Hearts Free Download and karakuri is a Japanese version of steampunk.

Action-packed fights and melee kemono battles

Kemono are large, powerful beasts. As the creators themselves admit, the idea for them was born out of finding what people fear the most. So they created beasts and combined them with the powerful forces of nature. The fights against them are really tough, but like with competitive Monster Hunter, you just need to know where to aim. And just like there, the defeated beast will start running away from us, then it will rage and deal more damage. The satisfaction of defeating a powerful kemono is indescribable.

Wild Hearts Free Download PC

free download games pc

Wild Hearts – weapons and their wonderful trees

There are 8 types of weapons in the world of Wild Hearts Download. In the beginning, five can be used, and the next three are unlocked later. Although the last one is actually five different weapons. Among them there will be easier to use ones, such as Karakuri Katana, Nodachi or Obuch. However, sometimes the type of weapon will also matter, so you need to learn how to use at least a few, and preferably all of them. A training teddy bear helps us with this, which will allow us to know every shot. And some combos aren’t that easy!

Making a combo is part of the job. You also need to know how to develop a given weapon. Yes, develop, because each of them has a development tree. And that’s great. Instead of creating a million weapons and then removing them, hiding them or whatever, we have, for example, 5 different weapons that we develop in different ways. Here is a huge plus for developers, such a weapon development system is very transparent.

And yet, Wild Hearts Free Download PC is supposed to be multiplayer-based, but as you can see, mostly random. The game will choose allies for us, or someone who is looking for a fight with a similar kemono will join us. And probably sometimes we’ll need help from another hunter, because barefoot with 4 stars above is already a solid challenge on its own. And I saw with my own eyes that players could not cope with the 1st or 2nd level kemono.

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