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With these changes in Counter Strike 2, I can’t wait for the release

Will Counter Strike 2 surprise us?

With these changes in Counter Strike 2, I can't wait for the release

The release of Counter Strike 2 is fast approaching. We know the approximate date of the debut, and we also have a lot of important information – such as the fact of the transition to a newer engine in the form of Source 2. The CS2 release date has still not been officially announced – but here Gamers8 tournament commentators lifted a bit of the secret. The most important thing, however, is that the title will get a few changes that should improve the game compared to “one.”. In this text you will find everything we already know about CS2.

Counter-Strike 2 – when will it be released?

Valve company some time ago confirmed, that Counter-Strike 2 will be released soon. The new version of the wildly popular FPS will be played as early as this summer. This is to be the biggest technological leap in the history of the game. It involves a lot of changes that will be introduced over the next years. More details can be found in the article being official announcement production.

When specifically will the CS2 release take place? As we mentioned in the introduction, this is something that Valve has not yet officially announced. Instead, Gamers8 tournament commentators have done so.

According to their words, open beta-testing of the title will start on September 24. However, The full version of CS2 will be released in October 2023.

Keep in mind, however, that these dates may still change.

What’s new in Counter-Strike 2?

On Valve’s official channel on YouTube there are videos treating Counter-Strike 2. Through them we can take a look at the changes made to some maps – most of the innovations are in terms of appearance, but there have also been some rebuilt areas. In addition to the obvious graphics-related improvements, there is also new, more realistic sound design. An important change is A reduction in overall latency caused by servers (the so-called tick rate) – so exactly what we see is happening on the map.

Also new is a change in the functioning of smoke. The issue may seem trivial, but in reality it will definitely affect gameplay. Smoke is expected to behave much more realistically – will lightly dispel under the influence of fired projectiles and react to the environment and lighting, as well as player actions. A separate video has been devoted to this aspect as well. You can watch the mentioned material below.

Another feature that will appear in CS2, and will probably appeal to many players, is the an improved ranking system. Valve’s upcoming online production is expected to guarantee not only “more precise” tracking of a player’s skills both globally and regionally, but also to check how we perform on individual maps. The result will be a fairer selection of players for subsequent games. More details can be found in the video above.

Of other interesting things – in CS2, matches will be shortened somewhat. They will no longer be played on a “best in 15 rounds” basis. Instead, they will be limited to 12 rounds with possible overtime (vide Gaming Bolt). We have to admit that the new information about Counter Strike 2 makes the appetite for this online title steadily grow. I’ve never been a big fan of this type of game, but I’ll certainly give the new CS a chance when it’s released.

Counter-Strike 2 as a free update to CS:GO

Counter-Strike 2 will be available as a free CS:GO update. It has been confirmed that content owned by players (like skins) will be compatible with the new version. So there is no need to worry about any losses. Equipment will, of course, be based on the graphical enhancements of the new engine. More information is expected soon – before the CS2 release due this summer.

Counter-Strike 2 – beta testing

CS2 beta testing is already underway, but only a select few are participating. Participants are selected based on their Steam account status and recent activity on Valve’s official servers. Selected players will receive a corresponding notification in the CS:GO main menu.. For more information, see the article from frequently asked questions (FAQ). Testing will continue until release day and new content will be made available over time as part of the testing.

As mentioned above, On July 17, the pre-release version of the game received another major update, which, in addition to the Overpass map, which is well known to all Counter-Strike fans (after a considerable facelift), added another arena – Vertigo. In addition, the Winged mode, the “hold secondary fire” option or a visible countdown timer during the halftime break have also been added to the game. Details of all patches released so far for CS 2 can be found at. here.

In parallel with the new update Valve has sent out another wave of test invitations. If you were among the lucky ones, you are invited to report any bugs you manage to find. Information on how to do so can be found in the tweet below.

CS2 with world championship in Asia for the first time

The Counter-Strike 2 World Championship will be played in Asia for the first time. This is bad news for fans from Poland.

We’ve known for some time that the first Major will be held in Copenhagen from March 17-31, 2024. The prize pool is expected to be $1.25 million. HLTV and report that the next season will be held in Shanghai. This would be the first time that the Counter-Strike 2 World Championship would be held in Asia. Previously, they have taken place 15 times in Europe, three times in North America and once in South America. The championship will be organized by Perfect World, the CS2 publisher in China. They will be assisted by Romanian e-sports company PGL. The best game news and reviews only on Install Game PC

Sources report that Valve had already wanted to organize the world championship in Asia. In addition to China, Singapore was also considered. However, the plans were abandoned due to the upcoming release of CS2. Playing the championship in Asia is bad news for fans from Poland. This is because it means that you will have to set yourself up for rather inconvenient hours if you want to watch the games – the time difference between China and Poland is 6 hours.

We also know when the next seasons of CS2 will start. In 2025, they are scheduled for June 9-22 and December 1-14. The following year they will be held on June 8-21 and November 30-December 13. It’s just a shame that we still don’t know the exact release date of the game. All we know is that the debut will take place later this summer.

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