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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Free Download PC is the third major installment of the popular jRPG series launched in 2010. The production was developed by Monolith Soft studio, which is in charge of the series. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 takes us on a journey through a world that mixes fantasy and sci-fi elements, embroiled in a conflict between two nations – Keves and Agnus. The six main characters, led by Noah and Mio, find themselves in the midst of the turmoil of war. The game universe brings together the future of the worlds of the two previous installments in the series. However, the production has been prepared in such a way that players who have not had contact with it do not feel lost.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Free Download PC
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In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 pc game we look at the action from the third person perspective (TPP). The title offers us a vast world that we can explore both on foot and at the controls of machines (like boats). As it combines elements of fantasy and sci-fi, one can find both huge creatures and powerful mechs fighting on the battlefields here. The game is driven by tasks that advance the story, accompanied by many side missions.

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When we travel through a scenic and diverse country, we often have to face adversaries. During the clashes, you have to be tactical and make good use of the skills of the individual characters. Speaking of abilities – an extensive character development system has been implemented here, so over time our team’s combat potential increases.

The action of peer-reviewed

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 free takes place in the world of Aionios, where a bloody war has been raging since time immemorial. No one remembers when the clashes began, and children from a very young age grab swords, large shields or staves, then train in divisions and leave for the next clashes. Two nations are involved in the conflict – Keves focused on technological advancement and Agnus drawing power from energy…

Warriors, however, cannot fight thinking that in a few years they will put their swords on the cabinets. Will begin a blissful rest on their well-deserved retirement, for in this country. Every soldier has a certain lifespan, so everyone reaches out for their weapons and tries to give their all for their country. However, this is not the end of the concerns of the warriors, as the communities are divided into colonies. Who use the vitality of their defeated foes to power powerful combat mechs.

Therefore, all soldiers must fight

Eliminate the next enemies, because this is the only way to power the machines. Fuel their Flame Clock – if the warriors fail. Not only units but, above all, communities whole die. At first glance, the two sides of the conflict differ from each other. But in both countries there are special units called “off-seer”.

Whose task is to mourn the vanquished. The characters play a beautiful melody using flutes. I mention it for a reason, because Xenoblade Chronicles 3 full version the main characters of the story. Although they are on both sides of the conflict, have the opportunity to say goodbye to fallen warriors.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The creators didn’t focus

Just one character, because right from the start, we get to know the action from two angles – Noah is a soldier of Keves and Mio represents the forces of Agnus. Each of the warriors can count on the support of his small formation, so after the first hours we witness an excellent duel, during which Noah and Mio face each other… .

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”? – these words best describe the first hours of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Download, as it turns out that the protagonists trying to save their lives from an unexpected enemy are considered traitors to their nations. In Aionios, no one can even think of standing shoulder to shoulder with the enemy, so as a result, a long story literally overloaded with emotions begins.

Is Xenoblade Chronicles 3 game a sequel?

Sound interesting? It is only a fictional background, because in this production the action rotates with each subsequent minute, so that the player not only learns the history of the presented world, but above all reveals its secrets. The developers were able to transfer the scale of the events in a great way because although we were initially focusing on small units, with each subsequent hour the action shifts to the next regions of the featured world and we literally have it. the impression that the threads previously presented are insignificant details of a great adventure.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 torrent

The scriptwriters of Monolith Soft in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 torrent revised are building a story in a great way, because with the next few hours we not only learn new information about our mission, but above all we get a lot of useful and extremely interesting details about the world. Why are people fighting, why are they using weapons, and more importantly, who is the real enemy here? The developers don’t give us precise answers for a long time, but in small steps they are building an action that, in my opinion, does not disappoint about 90%…

The creators, after about 40 hours of gameplay

Unnecessarily decided to extend the events with two not-quite-necessary tasks – or at least they should be completed much faster. Suddenly, I had the impression that the authors prolonged the action in time. What’s worse, they did it at a really terrible time, because when I was hungry for the next ones. Chapters of the adventure, I had to travel around the world looking for articles.

The creators, despite this inconvenience, told a very long and delightful adventure in many places, because the storyline may very well surprise you. The main theme of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 pc game is, in my opinion, love, which is faced with a powerful curse, great betrayals, and on top of that, it is all bathed in the depths of endless conflict.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 free download PC up the action…X6!

I’m sure such a great storytelling experience is possible with well-presented, interesting, and varied characters. Noah and Mio are the main characters, but the team always has at least six people – 3 representatives of Keves and 3 warriors of Agnus. Next to Noah, the first nation is also represented by Lanz running with a large shield sword and Eunie, a healing specialist, and on the other side of the barricade, next to Mio, there is also Taion using origami weapons and Sena fighting with a mighty hammer.

The creators easily show the advantages and disadvantages of the warriors, and the team of former enemies becomes a real team for special tasks before our eyes – the authors have a lot of time and thanks to many discussions (the most are presented in the form of videos with recorded dialogues) we get to know the heroes who must find themselves in this difficult reality.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Download

In the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Free Download review, each of the heroes has one of three class types (attack, defense, healing), but in fact there are up to 25 specializations. We can send classic warriors, tactics, heavy tanks, swordsmen. , war healers, lone exiles (that’s what the class is called ;), stalker-archers, troubadours, signifiers, soul-hackers or martial artists. Each class can be developed at the beginning up to level 10, and later even up to level 20, but from the beginning we do not have access to a wide range of specializations.

We receive some of the new classes

From the characters we meet, and some are only unlocked through side missions. I know from experience that it’s really worth doing some extra quests, because not only can you take care of the level of the heroes, but above all, some classes are really interesting, and you can unlock them by spending extra hours in the Game.

Developing heroes gives them access to powerful skills – a character can have three ‘Arts’ tied to their class, and an additional three are borrowed from other specializations…it’s worth spending more time on in-depth training to access interesting attacks. In the game there are also main skills assigned to professions, which, although they take longer to load, are worth taking appropriate action, because as a last resort we have access to powerful skills.

6 heroes and 6 powerful mechs

I mentioned a total of six characters, but the party often includes additional “heroes” – these are story-related characters, who not only give us access to new classes, but also often heroes can surprise and are a good complement to training. Here, however, we don’t have to focus on constant support, because we change soldiers in the menu – thanks to this, we have more control over the team. I must mention that in this place too you can find interesting characters whose stories are really interesting to learn.

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 pc free, we cannot change weapons or armor, because each weapon and outfit is assigned to a specific class – the player can only exchange skills (arts), add up to three accessories and three gems to a character. Clothing items increase our attack, speed up skill loading, provide dozens of different buffs or improve stats, and gems work the same way – although in this case, using collected resources, we improve a total of 20 trinkets, and each item can be promoted to a maximum of 10 lvl.

install game pc download

RPG lovers will not only choose

Total of seven skills, pay attention to charging increasingly powerful abilities. But fusions are extremely important, through which heroes (one per nation) unite to create Ouroboros. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 free download characters can transform into six different mechs in total. Noah with Mio, Eunie with Taion, and Lanz with Sena form duos that let you take control of the duel. Interlink doesn’t take too long to get started. However, in this case, we can spend the experience. Points earned on six development trees – characters can not only deal more damage.

Learn the next attacks, but most importantly, there is an option to slow down overheating. Which means staying in Ouroboros form longer. There is also an extensive combo system in the game that can be activated. After charging a special bar (Chain Attack) – the “chain attack” allows you to combine hits and skills so you can land increasingly powerful attacks and , as and when as a last resort, even summon Ouroboros to action. The mechanics are nice, because we can combine and, for example, heal our team, give them some positive buffs to charge a powerful attack at the same time.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 offers a big, beautiful and empty world

Aionios has been divided into several regions, through which the player can travel freely. Just pay attention to the levels of the walking beasts, because. Especially at the beginning we can encounter much too strong monsters. Clashes once again happen in real time and players have the option to use auto attacks. All you have to do is select the target, stand at the right distance and when. Our hero will perform himself basic movements, we choose the skills or we just prepare Chain Attack or activate Interlink.

There can even be eight heroes

On the team (six player-controlled and two AI). So there’s a lot going on during the action – we see attacks all the time. Circles to heal or provide buffs positives appear on the ground, and we are constantly. Trying to break the opponent to make each subsequent attack more powerful. The fights in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 torrent are brilliant and throughout. The story I was looking forward to fighting again, because it’s hard to get bored here. We can switch characters smoothly, juggle skills, and all the time. I liked to play with classes that we can change before the start of the duel.

There is even an automatic battle system in the game, which works well. When 3-4 rivals with a lower level than our team appear in our area. However, the AI ​​does not always work well, so this should be taken into account.  Although in the most important battles (mini-bosses, bosses) the auto-battle option is not available. The level of difficulty is also a big advantage of the production. Because throughout the game I didn’t feel that the authors didn’t take care of the right balance. But I often had the opportunity to taking part in battles where 2-3 bad decisions made me restart the fight from the beginning.

However, it’s hard for me not to feel

Like the world itself feels empty in many places. We often run through corridors that are fairly lifeless and can only hope for more clashes. It’s sort of explained in the plot itself, but there aren’t any places. In the world that could have impressed me that much. This is likely related to the graphics, as peer-reviewed Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Clearly confirms in some places that the hybrid PC platform has its limitations. However, I cannot complain in the least about the soundtrack, which is simply outstanding. The Japanese composers have taken care of a number of catchy and excellent. Songs that will make the next few hours spent in the world of more enjoyable game.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Free Download PC
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Advantages and disadvantages game


+ An epic story covering many important topics
+ Extensive combat offering many different systems
+ Interesting courses and a wide possibility of personalization (by profession) of the team
+ The concept of the world and the background of events can surprise in many places
+ Very well presented characters and antagonists
+ Great memorable soundtrack

The lessers

The creators unnecessarily extend the time of the game before the final thread
The Switch sometimes shows its power outages

Coming back to Aionios itself – during the journey we have the opportunity to collect. Raw materials from which we create the mentioned games. By fire we can not only save the game or prepare a meal that provides small buffs, but above all use the accumulated additional experience points. The creators also encourage conversations themselves. Often by browsing the places we receive small information. Which only after speaking, forms a side mission. The world does not seem too big at first, but with each subsequent hour we discover its secrets. Eventually the scale is impressive – the authors even allow us to use a ship with which we can move faster towards the set objectives .

You will get to know the main plot

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 PC Download Game in about 60 hours which is a very good. Result but I’m sure the writers could complete the story in 52 hours and I couldn’t complain of the two fragments. After this time, you can freely continue the game (before the fight with the main boss) or simply choose New Game +. New game pc Pokemon Legends Arceus

The world still offers a lot of attractions, like more beasts to defeat, so it’s definitely worth going back to production. Even for the extra missions, through which we meet new characters and we can check out the next classes. The creators also carefully combine the latest story with the previously presented ones, but you don’t have to worry. If you haven’t played previous Monolith Soft productions, because in this situation you can only win. You have spent many hours with Rex and Shulk, you will repeatedly feel that the developers have fallen into a very clever plan.

Is game worth playing?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 continues PC dominance in 2022. The Japanese are not watching the competition, but playing in their league. By consistently delivering strong, thoughtful and interesting exclusive games to the market. Mario bosses don’t provide items for all the graphics purists looking to count every. Frame on screen and revel in the next 120 frames. In many cases, these are thrilling and memorable adventures. That is what Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Free Download is all about. Monolith Soft did not disappoint by delivering an excellent game to the market.

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