The Settlers New Allies Free Download PC

The Settlers New Allies Free Download is the title of the eighth installment of the cult series of strategy games, which was born in 1993; the production is also a reboot. The game was developed by the German studio Blue Byte, which supervises the development of the series. The same team has also been taking care of the Anno brand since 2006. I have to admit that I personally have a lot in common with The Settlers, because I happened to play the most iconic versions of the game, which really managed to draw you to the screen for long hours.

The Settlers New Allies Free Download

The Settlers New Allies Free Download PC

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However, it must be admitted that the later games, including the seventh part, were not so good and could be considered coupon clipping, which could be regretted, especially if someone played the first 3 parts of the Settlers, they certainly had a good time. Fortunately, the new game The Settlers New Allies Download PC is a completely new approach to the favorite series of many players. Because in this way we are dealing with certain elements that we can associate with the previous parts of the cycle, especially if we have not played, but it is worth noting that that there are also a few other additional elements that make the game itself gain a lot from it.

A new beginning.

There is no denying that The Settlers brand is simply something cult and the first game released in 1993 made an amazing impression on the players, because it was the first and perfect approach to strategy, where we really focused on creating a settlement and performing many other important things. The current eighth installment is also considered a completely new chapter in this story, because The Settlers New Allies Full Version has been recognized by the developers as a complete reboot, which means that we are able to look at the game in a slightly different way. As for the mechanics of the overall gameplay, it’s certainly nice to return to something that worked and was at the same time an important element in the third and fourth installments of the series, which still looked decent.

The Settlers New Allies Free Download

Three different factions to choose from.

We are happy with such a kind of return to the roots, especially since in this production we play directly one of the leaders of the three available fictional factions in the game. It should be noted that the gameplay itself is largely based on the typically economic aspect, where we have to expand subsequent parts of the settlement, and the fight itself is reduced to the name of such an add-on, where we simply have to deal with other tribes that are hostile to us.

The Settlers New Allies Full Version

Interestingly, in The Settlers New Allies Free Download itself, it was tempted to place various special points that are located all over the map, where we are able to get specific additions and other bonuses, especially if we make an appropriate sacrifice, which can be very useful in the development of the settlement. and can improve our military strength, thanks to which we will better defend ourselves against potential attackers.

Settlement development is more important than combat.

However, there is no denying that Download The Settlers New Allies free finally focused clearly and distinctly on the aspect of economy, which is largely the main factor in winning or losing the game. We can collect many different resources, and the expansion of the base is so functional that we can actually focus only on the economic aspect to have a great time playing The Settlers 8 Download.

The Settlers New Allies PC Download

Of course, it depends on the player himself how the settlers will work and whether it will be efficient enough to quickly expand the settlement. In the game itself, we can’t wait too long with development, because the enemy is not sleeping and enemy units can invade our areas all the time, which will cause serious damage to buildings and many other problems that we will have to solve.

Enemies build up quickly and attack our settlement.

Opponents also develop in real time, which is why their military power grows over time, and they are also able to beat us economically, if we stop production for a moment. This is what makes The Settlers New Allies game pc a great challenge all the time and, most importantly, the game is fun and at the same time gives us the opportunity to lead our own settlement and play the role of the titular settler, which is really impressive, especially if we look at the modern and fully refreshed graphics that perfectly emphasize all the elements contained in the game.

The Settlers New Allies Free Download PC

free download games pc

The Settlers New Allies requirements

Minimum configuration:

Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3-6100 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 950 or Radeon 550

Recommended configuration:

Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i7-6700 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 970 or Radeon RX 470

In the game we have full control over the units.

It should be added that in the production itself, engineers play an important role in the game and it is worth noting that the player can control them in any way, similarly to the army, which means that battles do not take place automatically, so that the player has full control over building process and combat, which seems to be very important later in the game.

So The Settlers: New Allies is just a great way to collect the various deposits that are scattered all over the map and bring it all to the kingdom. Which makes us able to develop much faster and have a lot of fun at the same time. Check also other interesting games Hogwarts Legacy Download.

Proven campaign and skirmishes with live players.

It is worth noting that in the game itself we will also experience an interesting story campaign, which was perfectly created for the game, and in the production itself we also have the opportunity to clash with a real opponent in pvp combat, which makes the game even more challenging, because you never know when a living opponent will attack us during the game. In this case, The Settlers New Allies Free Download simply presents itself as a great refreshment of the series and it is definitely worth betting on this type of gameplay.

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