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PES 2017 free download for PC is Konami’s answer to FIFA 17. The Japanese publisher does not have a FIFA football license. So most of the players and clubs operate under invented names. Although the developers tried to accurately reproduce the appearance. From the players so that there was no problem recognizing the increasingly tall soccer stars on the pitch.

PES 2017 Game Review

In addition, Konami has a license for the Champions League, Europa League and European Super Cup, which is not found in the competition. The computer version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 in terms of content is no different from versions on other hardware platforms. The differences between the individual editions must be found on a technical level, because the project in the PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions is more extensive than on the past genes.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Download

About the creators of Pro Evolution Soccer, you can hook dogs for licensing impairments, an archaic interface, or multiplayer checkered play, and they still deliver the best virtual football on current gen consoles. Yes, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game a managed to exceed the high bar during last year’s edition.

PES 2017 Free Download

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This year, Konami boasts of having obtained licenses for Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund. The official stadiums, the costumes, the fan chants or the perfectly reproduced faces of the main players are happy, but by no means exciting, because in competition this is a standard that we have become accustomed to for many years. What about Barcelona, ​​when I play Gran Derbi with MD White?

What is the interest of Borussia

Can’t I play the German classic against Bayern Munich or beat Legia Warsaw even more? These two clubs, despite the official license by Konami for the Champions League, were missing in PES 2017. Just like licenses for some national teams, including Poland, whose workforce looks like a Brexit team in this game …

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Fortunately, the reliable community of Pro Evolution Soccer did not disappoint once again and the so-called “Options files”, which correct a shortage of licenses. And finally, on the console, downloading such a file into the game does not take half a day, but a few minutes – well, loading fan “patches” is done with a few clicks, not manually, just one. overwriting files. Thanks to this, after a while we can enjoy the eye with official costumes, names of clubs or players. Unfortunately, the edit option is only available on Playstation 4, xbox one version does not allow quick fixes.

Konami had to take player complaints about license shortages seriously, hence the possibility of easy editing. However, the community does it for them. Another download pes 2017 issue was the outdated lineups on the day of the game’s premiere. This time the Japanese seized the opportunity and we got an updated roster. Which even included changes since the last one ended.

PES 2017 torrent

Transfer window and assurance of updates and weekly player list and statistics. The game interface has also been improved, although it is still far from any UI / UX scheme, at least it does not look as ugly as in previous versions of Pro Evolution Soccer. All of the above complaints go away the moment we enter the field.

Already in the previous version

Gameplay was well designed, and in PES 2017 torrent, it is even better to play. A year ago I praised the natural behavior of players on the pitch, in this edition there were several new games, thanks to which the game is even closer to realism. During the match, feeling that the opponent controlled by artificial intelligence learns our style.

PES 2017 free

When I sent most of the balls down the middle of the field at striker Ibrahimović, he was quickly covered from close range by a couple of rivals. When I started playing on the wings, the opponent’s defenders started to apply more to online play. There are many such situations in the game, thanks to which each. Match is unpredictable and requires us to constantly combine.

Place to learn and repeat the same

Movements over and over again to secure the opponent’s goal. It is difficult to do it in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 download, thanks to the improved intelligence of the goalkeepers, who are much better. To defend shots and read the game in the foreground – I’ve often seen Tie-style action. In which the goalkeeper in front of the 16-meter line “clears” the ground like a pure stopwatch.

Pes 2017 pc game

This year, Konami has succeeded in the difficult art of combining realism and light fantasy. During the match, we can change our team’s tactics “on the fly” depending on the situation on the pitch. When necessary, gamers can play, other times nothing stands in the way of telling defenders to double the coverage for free pc games.

You can feel the difference in the player’s classes here, their stats translate. Faithfully in their behavior on the pitch, thanks to which, playing such a Barcelona against the teams. Bottom of the table, we have to take into account that most of the time they will block access to their objective and rely on deadly counterattacks. In PES 2017 torrent, every match is a completely new story and the only thing that sometimes gets in the way of the game is the work of the referees.

I feel like they’re too hard on my faults

Even minors, when the opponent is playing the wrong game, much more likely to play the game using the advantage of the advantage. Fortunately, this is not a rule, which cannot be said of the work of the linesmen, who will even catch a millimeter of offside each time with their hawk eyes. Every now and then they might get confused which would certainly increase the emotional level of the match, but I realize that from a programming standpoint, this is a difficult task to accomplish.

There is no revolution when it comes to the game modes of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 free. We can always play quick matches against the computer or with friends, we also have at our disposal the Champions League, the Europa League, the European Supercup, the Copa Libertadores or the Asian Champions League. However, some new things have appeared in network modes.


In myClub, the equivalent of FIFA Ultimate Team, it is finally a little easier to find a good player for the selected position. All thanks to the new scouting system, which we can now PES 2017 free download also buy at auction. Having at our disposal the three best recruiters specialized in the search for players on the basis of precise criteria. We considerably increase our chances of recruiting a valuable player in our team. Another novelty is the opponent analysis, thanks to which we can know the opponent’s. Playing style in the last matches before the next match before the match.

Changes are also

Appeared in the Master League mode, enjoyed by many players, in which. As a coach, we not only lead the selected team to successive victories, but also manage transfers. We now have more options for the next rework in the transfer windows. Considering the possibility of sending the player on a six month loan, as well as the greater willingness of the players to agree to our terms. However, you have to act with caution, because this time in Master League we have a separate transfer budget.

PES 2017 Download

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PES 2017 is released today. Which computer will be needed to run the game?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 – Minimum Requirements

  • Operating system : Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.8 GHz
  • Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or Radeon X1600
  • Amount of RAM : 1 GB
  • Disk memory: 8 GB

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 – Recommended requirements

  • Operating system : Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor : Intel Core i5 530 2.93 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 925 2.8 GHz
  • Graphic : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or AMD Radeon HD 4850
  • Amount of RAM : 2 GB
  • Disk memory: 8 GB

Konami has done it again – he released a game that, despite many archaisms, is unmatched in the virtual field. After all, soccer games are all about gameplay, aren’t they? That’s where PES 2017 free download is almost the perfect game. And thanks to the possibility of rapid assembly and operation of the scene PES, we can quickly forget the lack of licenses. It’s a shame that the corrections have to be made by the players themselves, not by the producer.

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